Class 4- Satya: Honesty

Honesty in body, speech and mind

Actions and thoughts that support Ahimsa


Breathing Exercise

This is a breathing technique that helps to engage all the proper muscles of breathing and induce a state of relaxation.

Benefits include

  • Stretches and tones belly muscles

  • Relieves Pain and muscle tension

  • Improves posture

  • Decreases stress response

To perform Deep diaphragmatic belly breathing sit tall. As you inhale through your nose allow your belly to rise, followed by the sides of the rib cages and the top of the the chest. Exhaling through the nose allow the belly to drop first, then the ribs and lastly the chest. Repeat each breath at a comfortable pace and repeat.   




11 min - seated/laying down

Mudra: Kshepana Mudra

Mantra - sat nam “ I am truth”

Below, you will find music to accompany your own personal practice of Sat Nam:

sio bhan