Overcome the Overwhelm

Overcome the Overwhelm


A 6 week course in meditation and mindfulness to help overcome the overwhelm.

In each class we will explore a different concept through a combination of forms including: reflective journalist, mediation, and savatsana.

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Class 1 - Impermanence: Nothing lasts forever

In the 3rd century - Patanjali wrote yoga sutra’s

Considered a core text of yogic philosophy

First words are: atha yoganusasanam

"In the present moment is the teaching of yoga"

Yoga IS the present moment.

Class 2- Marga: The Path

Refers to a trail, road or sense of direction.

Root of the word means “to seek” or “to strive”

Verbal root -mrj meaning “to pursue a particular direction”

Spiritual and mindfulness practices offer us a sense of direction and a clear path to follow

Class 3 - Ahimsa: Non-violence

Ahimsa roots our yoga practice into an understanding of karma.

What we put out to the world comes back to us. When we think negative thoughts we feel bad.

Class 4- Satya: Honesty

Honesty in body, speech and mind

Actions and thoughts that support ahimsa

Act of being authentic

Honest about ourselves

Do you keep your promises to yourself

Do you practice your self care?

Do your actions match your words?

Class 5 - Astesya: Not Stealing

“Not taking what is not freely given.”

The need to steal essentially arises because of a lack of faith in ourselves to be able to create what we need by ourselves. The moment we feel a sense of ‘lack’ in life - desire, want and greed arises. We begin to look for something to fill that ‘empty’ sensation, and often feel as though everyone else has what we want.

Class 6 - Samskara: A Ceremony or Rite

Our final class, a reflection on ourselves and our journey.